The Seaside House

The Seaside House – Maine Innkeepers
by Trish Mason

Softcover – $ 19.95
The Seaside House BookFollow the Gooch Family through the Generations. Read this unique and fascinating narrative of the Gooch family as they settle in pre-colonial Maine.
Follow them as they continue into the 21st Century. The family purchased an Innkeeping business that continues today and is operated by a member of the current generation of Gooches. Through perseverance, back-breaking work, bravery and sometimes luck —the family beat the odds and held onto their
land for centuries.

The Seaside House tells of trials and triumphs each of these generations encounter while providing for the family. The rich characters will entertain and astound readers with their adventures and struggles. Enjoy them coming to life in the extraordinary events that shaped their lives and offers glimpses of Maine’s history.

About the Author
Trish Mason lives on her small farm in Arundel, Maine, six miles from the Seaside House with her husband Ken, son Jack and daughter Ellie. They have three horses, two English Setters and one cat. When not keeping the inn, Trish can be found following her passion—riding dressage horses.

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